Choosing How To Remodel Your Home

Choosing How To Remodel Your Home

home remodeling, Concord, NCChoosing to remodel your home? Here are some tricks that can take out all the stress from the remodeling process.

Home remodeling is an intense decision to make, whether you are building your dream home or doing a home extension to add more resale value. You can take most of the stress out of redesigning by hiring a professional home remodeling specialist. There are some steps, however, that you can take on your own to simplify the home remodeling process.


It is easy to understand why bathrooms are the most common places to get remodeled. First of all they are the most used places in a house. Second, it is very easy to makeover a bathroom. If you are feeling that you have outgrown your home, then you can try remodeling your bathroom. It is not like you will have to hire a home building contractor for the job. Bathroom remodeling mostly involves adding new  hardware to the cabinets and installing new fixtures for the bathtub and sink. If you want some radical changes in your house, you can try adding shower tiles or installing bathroom flooring. Remodeling your bathroom will add a significant value to your homes resale price.


If you are remodeling your home with the goal to sell it at a higher price, then you need to pay attention to the exterior as much as the interior. Your potential buyer or a real estate agent will set their tone based on what they see on the outside. A custom home builder can help you improve the exterior of your home. Usually a fresh coat of paint is sufficient for adding a new look. However, if you have a swimming pool, then you may need to hire a swimming pool contractor to make any changes.

Professional home builders commonly recommend making improvements like renovated home entry doors, planting a garden and installing water features. All these improvements will extend the appeal of your homes exterior.

Additional Bedrooms

My home builder shared this tip with me. He said “if you want to increase the value of your house by almost 50%, a bigger or additional bedroom can do that for you.” Man, he was so damn right, by simply transforming the unused space in your home, like the basement or attic, and converting it into or including it in the living area can be the best investment. If there is no space that can extend your living area, then you can consider building an extra bedroom. Believe me, it is worth the money and time.

Window Treatments

When I consulted my home builder, the very first improvement he advised me is to replace the windows. I never understood his point in the beginning, but once I got the window treatments done, the benefit was evident. Better ventilation and sunlight make my place look spacious and comfortable. You can get a lot more buyers if you have a well ventilated home that makes use of natural lighting and heat.

I am pretty much sure that these remodeling tips can work wonders for your house and can substantially raise its value.


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