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Why Choose MDP Custom Homes as Your Custom Home Builder

MDP Custom Homes has distinguished itself as a leader in new home construction in the Concord, NC area. We are also the custom home builder of choice if you need to undertake custom home remodeling and renovations on your home. MDP Custom Homes prides itself in having an unexceptional level of competence and expertise, which gives us the ability to undertake all types of custom home construction projects.

By virtue of being a reputable custom home builder, MDP Custom Homes strives to ensure that your entire home construction experience is fulfilled. We involve you in all processes starting with the design phase until final completion. This ensures that your tastes and preferences are incorporated in the project. We employ the most experienced and competent construction experts, and this is attested to by the quality of projects that we undertake.

Areas of Specialization

Besides being a custom home builder, MDP Custom Homes also specializes in home remodeling and renovations, outdoor living spaces, swimming pool construction, home repair and home improvements. For more than 30 years, MDP Custom Homes has been serving clients based on their dedication to long term relationships and quality workmanship. The owner-management team strives to ensure that all your construction needs are met within the stipulated time-frames.

Besides being a licensed, insured, and bonded custom home builder, MDP Custom Homes’ services abide by OSHA and EPA standards and guidelines. This ensures that strict attention is paid to every detail of your construction project. To get started, you only need to send an email to our team. Thereafter, you will be helped to select a home plan that suits your budget. The company’s experts will also be at hand to offer you relevant advice pertaining to landscaping, construction materials to use, flooring, cabinetry, and even the type of electrical and plumbing systems that fit your house design.

MDP Custom Homes understands that home construction and ownership is a lifetime achievement. This is why we have streamlined our services to exceed your expectations. Our services are cost-friendly and factor in your construction budget. Customer satisfaction is at the core of MDP Custom Homes. This explains why we have established ourselves as the go-to custom home builder in Charlotte and Concord, North Carolina.

Looking for a custom home, remodeling project, fiberglass swimming pool or home improvement project? Contact Us at MDP Custom Homes.

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