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Inground Pools in Charlotte and Concord NC

Are you interesting in getting an inground pool built and installed on your property? Pools can provide great fun for the whole family, add additional value to your property or be the perfect way to work out anytime through the day. They are particularly popular in areas with a hotter climate however heated pools mean that they can be suitable for any home. We are delighted to be able to provide high-quality pools that look stunning and will provide exactly what you always dreamed of for your property.

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Built To Your Budget

Inground pool, When to build a swimming poolYou might be worried about the cost of a brand new swimming pool for your home. While swimming pools can be costly, we aim to always provide fantastic value to all our clients and customers. We do this by keeping our building and installation processes as efficient as possible. We’ll build the pool of your dreams while keeping costs low and quickly get your new state of the art installation ready to be filled and used.

If you’re not sure whether you can afford a pool, rest assured we can build deluxe inground fiberglass pools to meet a variety of different budgets. We’ll work with your budget and make sure that anyone can get a pool they will love built on their property.

Bespoke Pools You’ll Love

You’ve probably been dreaming about a pool on your property for years. You might have a great idea for the design, shape and size. We provide bespoke, custom pool designs and installations to match your preferences perfectly. You might want a circular pool or you could want an oval design. Perhaps, you want one that is connected to a jacuzzi area? Would you like a pool with a deep end, or one that is shallow enough for the family all the way along. Rest assured, we can build the pool to match your specific needs and requirements. With our expertise, you can guarantee that you get everything you ever wanted from your new swimming pool.

Are you unsure what type of pool would be best for you? No problem, we can create a custom design and recommend it to you based on any requests you have. We promise you’ll love the final results and adore the impact your new pool has on the property.

Why Choose An Inground Pool?

Inground Pool, new custom swimming pool, swimming pool contractor CharlotteOur company specializes in building and installing inground pools for our clients. While inground pools can be more expensive than an above-ground pool, there are various unique benefits to this type of construction.

For instance, with an inground pool, you will have complete freedom to customize and design your pool any way you want. You can choose everything from the colors of the tile to plaster shades and coping materials. You’ll also be able to specifically request the size to match your needs. In contrast, above ground pools have already been built when they are ready be shipped and as such cannot be changed. Above ground pools will usually have an impact on the style and aesthetic of your home exterior that may not be what you planned. With an inground pool, we can carefully, coordinate the pool installation with the rest of your design and ensure that it looks tremendous, potentially even adding curb appeal.

Are you looking to add a fantastic level of value to your home? Then, an inground pool will definitely be the right choice for you. They are more popular with buyers due to the way they seamlessly integrate into the design of the property. As well as this, inground pools are far safer for children and families to use so are always going to be a more attractive possibility.

Another factor to be aware of is durability. The fiberglass pools that we build are designed to last. They are less likely to have issues with leakages and breaks and will not collapse due to exposure from the elements. With the inground pools that we install, you can rest easy knowing it will last for years with low levels of maintenance.

Why Choose A Fiberglass Pool

Charlotte swimming pool builderThere are various materials that can be used to install and build your swimming pool. We specialize in providing fiberglass pools to our clients as we are confident this is the best option.

Fiberglass pools use a surface called gel coat. This is non-porous compared to a concrete pool that is typically very rough. Rough textures can be a breeding ground for algae which means more extensive and regular cleaning is going to be necessary. As well as this, concrete pools need regular muriatic acid to reduce the water pH levels because the concrete substance naturally raises it. Fiberglass doesn’t impact the water pH at all and as such, no changes are needed. According to experts, you’ll spend 75% less money and time if you choose a fiberglass swimming pool for your home compared to concrete.

As well as this, fiberglass pools can be installed far more rapidly. It takes around six months to fully install and build a concrete pool. This could be the difference between jumping in the water this year and waiting until the next. On the other hand, our fiberglass pools can be built and completed in a matter of days. In no time at all your brand new pool will be ready for the whole family to enjoy!

When you buy a pool for your home, you want one that looks absolutely stunning. While fiberglass pools used to be fairly basic in design, today, they can look elegant, bold and beautiful. With a stunning aesthetic and a killer design we can include all the best features and make your fiberglass pool a work of art.

Trust In Our Expertise

When you decide to build a pool on your property you need the right service. We have provided high-quality pools to clients for years and work hard to make sure that you get exactly what you want from your new pool. With the best builders and bespoke designs we can build the pool of your dreams on your property and match any specifications you may have.

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